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TBIO Anwar Major Gen., Agency Head
TBIO Bambang Lt. Gen.,Chief of Staff, Kassospol,1997 19980320-19981109 Was previouslyAssistant for Social and Political Affairs to Armed Forces Chief of Social and Political Staff
TBIO Belo Carlos Filipe Ximenes http://www.easttimor.com/leaders/leaders.htm .11
TBIO Cancio abc.net.au/re/etimor/features/militias.htm Head of Mahidi abc.net.au/re/etimor/features/militias.htm
TBIO Da Sousa abc.net.au/re/etimor/features/militias.htm Head
TBIO Damiri Maj. Gen.
TBIO Eckel Rear Admiral, Head of Unit 980311- Formerly Assistant for Security to Naval Chief of Staff
TBIO Etno General, Commander-in-Chief of the Armed Forces 19930520-19980220 was previously Armed Forces Chief of General Staff ?-1993 I-67p148
TBIO Fachrul Assistant for Operations to Chief of General Staff ?-19980320.
TBIO Fernandes Senior member SMH p.1 030701
TBIO Goncalves Thomas http:www.etan.org/news/2000a/4ausdoc.htm@p.2.19/03/00 null
TBIO Gusmao Xanana Commander in Chief
TBIO Guterres Deputy Commander under Tavares see Political Party/Organization (2)
TBIO Lobato Nicolau http://www.easttimor.com/leaders/leaders.htm .11(Prime Minister) 2ad19751128ad197809?? Became President upon the arrest of Xavier do Amaral on 197809?? untill 19781231 http://www.easttimor.com/leaders/leaders.htm
TBIO Lumintang http://www.etan.org/news/2000a/suit/nairn.htm Maj. Gen., Commander Kodam 7 (HQ Dili East Timor) ad19980320
TBIO Ramos-Horta Jose Permanent Representative to the UN for East Timor 1976-1986. Special Representative of CNRM to the UN, 1991-1998.Elected Vice President of the CNRT 19980427, Gusmao was elected President.Awards: 1993- Thorolph Rafto Human Rights Prize, 1995- Glietzman Foundation Award, 1996- Nobel Peace Prize, 1998-Portugese Order of Freedom (Portugal's highest honour) In 1989 he set up the Diplomacy Training Program at UNSW at the Law Faculty in Australia http://www.easttimor.com/leaders/leaders.htm
TBIO Salamat Col Regional Commander Korem164 Wiradhama(HQ Dili). 19970531-19980604 Was previously Commander, Group2, Special Forces Command
TBIO Subianto Maj. Gen. Commander of Unit I-67 April 1999, p.154.
TBIO Sudarto Maj. Gen.,Head of Agency 980102- Formerly Commander of Kodam 4
TBIO Sugiono. ?-19990104, Deputy Army Chief of Staff.
TBIO Suhartono Col., Regional Commander Korem164 19980610- Was previouslyCommander, Group 3, Special Forces Command (?-19980610)
TBIO Syamsuddin Maj. Gen. previously Commander of Kodayam Jaya (Greater Jakarta)0 ibid p.149
TBIO Tarub Chief of General Staff(KASUM).
TBIO Tavares Head hrw.org/backgrounder/asia/timor-back0908htm.
TBIO Wiranto. "Commander in Chief of the Armed Forces 19980220-? "Two months after Wiranto became Commander of the Defence Forces and the Minister of Defence in March 1998, he had Prabowo investigated by a special ABRI tribunal, which found him guilty of improper practices relating to the May riots and the April disappearances of a number of student dissidents in Jakarta. Prabowo was discharged from the army. There had been enmity between the two men before but this exacerbated this personal hostility, so that it has become a feature of the Jakarta elite power plays. It is likely that the militia activity is linked to this as he has the long time loyalty of Maj. Gen. Zacky Anwar who was the architect of the plan set up in 1998 to recruit, arm and train pro Indonesian militias in all districts of East Timor. Neither faction of the TNI differ in politics or philosophy, both are hard line militarists who exist purely for the sake of personal ambition." from ETSIC 990929 @ http://www.easttimor.com/background_update/0012.htm
TBIO Yunus Lt. Gen.,Chief of the Social and Political Staff.
TBIO Yuswadji Rear Admiral , Head of Unit 970814-980318 Formerly Head of Bureau for Social Relations and Foreign Cooperation Defense Dept.
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