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TBIB [no title]
TBIB [no title]
TBIB [no title]
TBIB [no title]
TBIB [no title]
TBIB "Business as usual" in Suharto's Indonesia.
TBIB "Democratization and Political Succession in Suharto's Indonesia"
TBIB "Indonesia in 1995"
TBIB "Indonesia's Defence Policy"
TBIB "International Cronyism- the role of the IMF and the World Bank"
TBIB "Political Economy of the East Timor Conflict"
TBIB "The 1997 General Election in Indonesia"
TBIB "The ABRI Intelligence Apparatus; a corps of many lanyards"
TBIB "The Australian-Indonesian Security Agreement: Where did it come from and where is it going?"
TBIB "The Myth of Asian Style Democracy"
TBIB "The Unique Qualities of Indonesian Islam"
TBIB Australia's East Timor secret [reporter] Mark Davis
TBIB Catalyst for change in Indonesia the Dili incident
TBIB Comments and notes: Oil on Troubled Waters The International Court of Justice and East Timor: Case Concerning East Timor (Australia v Portugal)
TBIB Current data on the Indonesian Military Elite 19951001-19971231
TBIB Current data on the Indonesian Military Elite Jan. 1st 1998-Jan. 31st 1999
TBIB Current data on the Indonesian Military Elite:Jan. 1st 1998-Jan. 31st 1999
TBIB East Timor a bibliography compiled by Sue Rabbit Roff with Peter Carey and Wendy Lambourne
TBIB East Timor and West Irian by Keith Suter Report No.42 Rev. ed
TBIB East Timor at the crossroads the forging of a nation with a foreword by General Antonio dos Santos Ramalho Eanes edited by Peter Carey and G. Carter Bentley
TBIB Generations of resistance: East Timor photographs by Steve Cox historical introd. by Peter Carey.
TBIB Golkar of Indonesia recent developments
TBIB Indonesia and the Military at the Crossroads
TBIB Indonesia in 1994
TBIB Indonesia in 1998; the pot boils over.
TBIB Indonesia's "bebas-aktif" foreign policy and the security agreement with Australia (1995).
TBIB Indonesia's New Political Spectrum
TBIB Indonesia, Master Card in Washington's Hand
TBIB Indonesia, master card in Washington's hand.
TBIB Indonesia, master card in Washington's hand.
TBIB Indonesian Defence Strategy and Security Time for a Rethink?
TBIB Indonesian National Nationalism Today and in the Future
TBIB Islam and Suharto's Foreign Policy
TBIB Military ideology in response to democratic pressure during the late Suharto era political and constitutional contexts
TBIB New Information Technology Applied to Genocide Research The Cambodian Genocide Program
TBIB Notes on the transformation of the East Timor Military Command and its implications for Indonesia
TBIB Problems of Political Transition in Post-New Order Indonesia
TBIB See no evil [reporter] Mark Davis
TBIB State of Fear Controlling the Criminal Contagion in Suharto's New Order
TBIB Suharto's Armed Forces building a power base in New Order Indonesia, 1966-1998
TBIB The ABRI Intelligence Apparatus
TBIB The Evolution of Indonesia's Foreign Policy an Indonesian view.
TBIB The Open Wound: Keterbukaan and Press Freedom in Indonesia
TBIB The refugee crisis and accountability observations and analysis of a fact-finding mission to the East Timorese Refugee Camps in West Timor
TBIB Will the next Indonesian Succession be violent?
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