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CGP Databases Full-Text Search

Use this form to search the full text of the combined CGP biographic (CBIO), bibliographic (CBIB), and Tuol Sleng photographic (CTS) databases.

All results are returned on one page.

Search criteria
Maximum number of results

Bilingual records require the use of the Anlongvill font to display the Khmer text.

Search Syntax

  • Searches are case-sensitive.
  • To search for a record by Record ID, enter id: followed by the ID number. Do not leave space between id: and the number. For example, id:D01541.
  • The asterisk (*) can be used to allow for a partial match. For example, the search string ph* will match all words beginning with "ph" (Phan, Phann, Phim, Phak, etc.). Be sure to type your query in lower case when using this feature.
  • Use a + to indicate that a term must appear. For example, execution +witness will locate records containing the word "witness"; if the record also contains the word "execution", it will be ranked higher in the results.
  • Use a - to indicate that a term must not appear: Pol -Pot will find occurences of the name Pol in records that do not contain the name Pot.
  • To exclude results from one or more of the databases, enter the following: -type:cbib [to exclude CBIB] -type:cbio [CBIO] -type:cts [CTS]
  • Use quotes around a name or phrase that must appear exactly as entered: "Pol Pot"
  • These criteria can be combined, e.g., +Pol -"Pol Pot" will return records containing the name Pol but not the exact text "Pol Pot".
  • The search engine supports a wide range of options. See the product homepage for further details.
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